Speaker Biography

Simon Hooper

A co-founder of RemindMeCare, Simon Hooper has a tech background that is non-medical but which he has brought to bear on the care process, courtesy of his experience with the care needs of his family. Supported by academia and health care professionals, ReMe is the result of extensive work in numerous care settings. The company has worked closely with care facilities, day care centers and hospitals to create systems that are directed at improving care delivery.



Technology’s causing treatment paradigms to be reconsidered.. Previously, it was almost impossible to match treatment with cognitive and behavioral changes. Now Digital Therapeutics and Digiceuticals enable more flexible treatment and monitoring alternatives.Digital Therapeutics is defined as immersive programs that act reliably and remotely to change individual’s behaviors to achieve positive clinical outcomes and reduce medical cost growth. They’re often used in conjunction with medication but may replace conventional prescribing.Digi Pharma is consumer focused, such as nutritional supplements. They’re typically not reimbursed, FDA/NHS authorized and low priced, with consumers paying directly after marketing discovery.So where does ReMe fit in? ReMe discovers personal content through interactive response to activities, that positively impacts on behavior and calms agitation, reducing or complimenting the use of medication. ReMe achieves improved wellbeing, shows a propensity to support cognitive retention and recall and can be used in therapy and acute care strategies. So, in terms of definition, ReMe falls into both categories, subject to the deployment used.Current studies in Kingston Hospital, London, aim to establish ReMe’s potential to reduce medication, improve admission processes, enhance person centered care, as well as achieve efficiency and cost savings through digital reporting, reduced staffing, earlier discharge and optimal step down.If it can be shown that ReMe’s digital intervention achieve these outcomes then this dual role of Digi pharma in the community and  Digi therapy in the formal care setting, warrants ReMe being prescribed either as a supplement or alternative to traditional medication.The impact of digital prescribing on cost savings could be substantial and as a result business payment models will be developed that fit the new treatments. Answers will come when the evidence is there. ReMe offers an insight into what one new treatment configuration of the future could look like.