Speaker Biography

Sherin Yohannan

National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences,India.

Title: Psychosocial support for families of persons with dementia through home based care program from a developing country

Sherin Yohannan

Ms.Sherin Yohannan, PhD scholar in the department of Psychiatric Social Work, NIMHANS, Bangalore, India. My research area is on Dementia care. I completed my M.Phil. in Psychiatric social work from NIMHANS in 2015 and my dissertation was on stress, burden, social support and desire to institutionalization among caregivers of persons with dementia.I have completed my Masters in Social Work with the specialization in Medical and Psychiatric Social Work from BCM College, India in the year 2012.  


Among older people, dementia is the leading chronic disease contributor to disability and need for care. In India, person with dementia continue to live with their families. Dementia care is usually a joint effort by the adult members of the family who stay in the same household (Dementia India report, 2010). In this background, this study proposes to promote a healthy adjustment of the family to the disease, improving quality of life and encouraging the link between family and formal support systems through a multi component home based family care program for the families. The objective of the study is to develop a home based care program for the families of person with dementia and to assess the impact of the programme. The study design is Quasi-experimental design – pre and post assessment without control group. 40 caregivers of dementia patients undergoing treatment from the Geriatric Clinic outpatient department  of National Institute of Mental Health And Neurosciences, Bengaluru were taken through random sampling method.Socio-demographic sheet used to assess background information, The Perceived Stress Scale, Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support, The Zarit Burden Interview and a Self-constructed questionnaire administrated at baseline and post intervention.Intervention modules developed through extensive literature review, opinions and views from field experts, organizations involved in the community and home based care and the family members of patients with dementia. Psychosocial intervention module for home based care programme covers the psychological, social and general health aspects in the broader term based on the family centred participatory and integrated approach. Results showed that home based programme was effective for the caregivers in reducing their unhealthy adjustments, stress and burden by increasing the awareness in caregiving process and meeting their personal and emotional needs. The quality of care for the dementia patients has enhanced through the improvement of physical, social and psychological wellbeing of caregivers. In conclusion, Communitybased care, preferably at home would be ideal, and evidence in support of such care is accumulating.With adequate training, these programs can even be offered by health and welfare sector personnel in the community.