Health-Connected was set up and RemindMeCare created by founders Simon Hooper & Etienne Abrahams, to bring technology to bear on the care issues of the day that are currently under served by the cutting edge solutions that are available. Always with the aim of achieving cross care sector data security and portability, ease of use and adoption, ReMe intends to be fun and engaging. As a social impact care system, that's free for the consumer and low cost for care businesses, ReMe is disruptive connected care that puts the consumer in control, whilst at the same time providing a return on investment for using tech to enhance person centred care. As such, we aim to play a part in the transformation of care that’s happening today.
Indian Scientific Education & Technology Foundation (ISET Foundation) is an India based non-profit/non-government organization, founded in 2016 and working for the promotion of science education and scientific technology including modern health and agricultural related issues in India specially in rural and sub-urban areas. Currently, the organizational office is in Lucknow, U.P. India, from where we are easily connected to the rural and sub-urban areas broadly. Our mission is to work for promotion of scientific education & technology in children, young people and women in all over India and also abroad too in future, through information, awareness program, training, equipped lab working, better education, interaction with rural people in camping, webinar, research exposure and innovative approach including motivational classes. NGOs mission is to focus on facilitate excellent scientific education, awareness towards new technologies, health issues, consolidation the science with society, scientific technology based agriculture, build well equipped health care centre, provide free digital libraries, build applied research institution and modern interdisciplinary science centre included in long term goal. Imagine a generation of children who will have the competitiveness, stewardship towards science, scientific analytical ability, critical thinking ability and professionalism. With your support/contribution, we can provide the better scientific environment to the children and also make their future bright. We solicit for your support and partnership in our vision.
Managing Neuropsychiatric Symptoms in Neurodegenerative Disease June 14, 2018 This symposium will review current methods in the diagnosis and behavioral and pharmaceutical management of neuropsychiatric symptoms in neurodegenerative diseases. Participants will also discuss strategies to reduce the societal and economic costs associated with these symptoms.More information and registration at
The Alive Inside Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit, dedicated to healing loneliness and disconnection in all our lives, especially in the lives of the very young and the very old living with dementia. We partner with communities to connect the generations and shift our relationship with life, aging and growing up. We seek to End Loneliness using Empathy, Music, Life Story, and Film. Help us give away FREE headsets to elders at home in need. Donate at